MOTIVATING AND SUSTAINABLE. Learning content must inspire in order to remain in the memory for a long time. It must fit your target group and be fun.

Individual Content for Virtual Learning

Sustainable Learning Success With a Fun Factor.

Do you need e-learning content that really motivates your target group and leads to sustainable learning success? We design and produce e-learning content individually tailored to your needs. Agile learning in everyday working life and uncomplicated storytelling are the focus here, irrespective of the industry, topic and use of media.

We support the process of your e-learning project, from the selection of the appropriate content format to the development of learning strategies including didactic and storytelling tips. We take a very practical approach and specialise in the needs of small and medium-sized businesses and technical topics. You can rely on our 21 years of experience in visualisation.

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E-Learning Erklärfilm

Explanatory Pieces in 2D and 3D

Unbeatable in Learning.

Your Challenge

  • Train employees throughout the company
  • Discover and promote potentials
  • Quickly and effectively build up knowledge on selected topics
  • Promote products and services
  • Convincing customers
  • Train employees
  • Increase coverage on social media channels

Our Solution

  • Animated explanatory film in 2D or 3D
  • Short, concise, entertaining
  • Professional storytelling
  • Universally applicable
  • As a training series or individual videos
  • Length: 20 seconds to 5 minutes
  • Individually scalable

Areas of Application

Company-Wide Training / Corporate Learning
Change management, employer branding, corporate film, sustainability

Advertising campaigns, trade fairs and events

Marketing and Sales
Sales talks, product functions, product launch, scientific topics

Social Media
Attracting attention, increasing reach, increasing followers, increasing dwell time

Human Resources
Compliance, onboarding, rules of conduct, recruiting, health, environment, safety & security

Technical Training
Explaining functions, installation instructions, process training, product development, training of skilled personnel, maintenance tasks

E-Learning Interaktiv

Interactive Learning Videos

Join in and have fun.

Your Challenge

  • Conveying complex content
  • Subdividing extensive content into small units
  • Transfer performance required
  • Encourage participation
  • Measure learning success
  • Encourage self-determined learning
  • Fun as a motivating factor

Our Solution

  • Interactive learning units up to 5 minutes long
  • Evaluation of knowledge
  • Gamification elements
  • Different learning paths and interaction possibilities
  • Quizzes and in-depth modules
  • The learning units contain three interactive elements, enriched with up to three 3D elements
  • Can be used on all common devices
  • Fully SCORM or xAPI compatible
  • Can be integrated into your existing LMS

Areas of Application

  • Realistic insights into products and companies
  • Sales training with different scenarios
  • Exploring products and services
  • Interactive product catalogue
  • Achieve marketing goals
  • Improve brand perception
E-Learning VR

Technical Training as Virtual Reality Application

Immerse and feel. Learning as an experience.

Your Challenge

  • Act in the virtual world, don’t just watch
  • Wherever experience is important
  • Train technical staff
  • Practising complex topics

Virtual Experiences

  • Product presentations in virtual showrooms
  • Virtual tours of buildings and facilities
  • Installation of 3D models on your company website

Areas of Application

  • On-The-Job Training With VR Glasses
  • Familiarisation of technical staff with complex machinery and equipment
  • Practising maintenance procedures down to the smallest detail
  • Practising dangerous situations
  • Maintenance and operation of machines and plants
  • Production and assembly
  • Craft training
  • Safety & security training
  • Simulating logistics processes

There Are No Limits to Your Imagination

  • Space and future scenarios
  • Urban development and infrastructure projects
  • Product worlds and events
  • Therapy support
  • Diagnostics and telemedicine
  • Training in safety & security
  • Wherever it is either too time-consuming, too expensive, too dangerous or not realistic

Universal and Entertaining.

We accompany you methodically and didactically in all relevant questions around the process of your e-learning content. You will receive premium content from us for your e-learning as a 2D or 3D explanatory video. This form of e-learning can be used for all topics in everyday business. Appealing 3D design guarantees fast and effective knowledge building.

Individual and Interactive.

Your e-learning project is in good hands with us. You will receive an individual concept and competent advice. Our processes are transparent and reliable. Interactions built into your e-learning content make learning attractive and sustainable.

Virtual and Visionary.

VR technology is ideally suited for conveying technical content. Take the leap into a learning world of the future. We know how it works and are happy to share our knowledge with you!


We create individual e-learning concepts for you.
Tailor-made, didactically clever, high-quality content.



There will be a joint briefing to find out which e-learning content is best suited for you and your learning goals. We prepare a needs analysis and advise you on production possibilities.



The concept development takes place in various steps from rough to detailed concept. The rough concept contains the structure, learning content, interactions and design. We talk about content and media, elements of learning material, communication, learning paths, learning objectives and support.

Individual service


You want to get started step by step in the production of e-learning content? No problem. Together we develop the individual modules for convincing learning content.

Create concept


As soon as our roadmap is clear, we get started. Attractive e-learning content is a mix of clearly prepared topics, simple user guidance and appealing design. Your project manager ensures that you only have to use a few resources in the course of the project.

Project management


We work closely together in all project phases, transparency and feedback go without saying. We use tests and process plans to ensure quality.



Even after final delivery of your e-learning content, our support does not stop. We are there for you and provide ongoing support on current topics.

„The cooperation with BLUE SILVER was very uncomplicated, highly professional and reliable from the first friendly contact to the final approval of our animated film.“

Renate Iffland, cts Caritas Trägergesellschaft Saarbrücken, Head of Corporate Communication

„I can tell you that BLUE SILVER really delivers and they’re a lot of fun to work with them. Even under pressure they will give you high-quality support and will deliver what you need.“

Michael Moreau, Marketing Manager, Promat Belgium

„In short: a remarkable job! None of us has expected such a superb job.
A big compliment to the whole team!“

Manfred Zöttl, Airport Munich

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