North Sea Port – Hydrogen Video

Energizing the Future: The Visualization Journey of the North Sea Port Project


North Sea port, which is a major European port located at the intersection of the Netherlands and Belgium. The port covers 9100 hectares and is strategically positioned at the mouth of the River Scheldt, providing direct access to the North Sea and Europe’s road, rail, and pipeline networks


The port, considered ‘the best kept secret’ in the energy market, needed to assert itself as a major player. The objective was to let 3D animation be created that would build the North Sea Port brand, position it as a hydrogen hub, and reach multiple target audiences and channels.When North Sea Port (NSP) embarked on its ambitious journey to be a frontrunner in the energy transition, Blue Silver was delighted to be its 3D animation agency partner.


Creating an appealing visual presentation of the North Sea Port’s (NSP) massive 60km, 9100 ha area, complex operations, and future environmental goals was a challenge. The animation team had to effectively condense vast information, depict complex processes like energy transition, ensure data accuracy, and make the content accessible for a diverse audience.

They also needed to visualize the abstract concept of the port’s sustainability goals, which include increasing hydrogen production and reducing CO2 emissions by 2050. This required creative storytelling and high-quality 3D animation.


As an agency for explainer videos and a premier 3D animation, our team developed an innovative approach to overcome these challenges. Our solution was a blend of detailed 3D modeling, immersive animation, and creative storytelling. We decided to focus on a combination of satellite imagery and detailed 3D modeling. The animated video began with a satellite image, zooming into the port area to establish the location. Through 3D modeling, we created detailed representations of the infrastructure and illustrated the hydrogen flow from offshore wind farms to national backbones and beyond. We smartly visualized the port’s multimodal connections to European markets by road, rail, barge, and pipeline. We meticulously visualized NSP’s plan for a hydrogen backbone connected to Dutch and Belgian national backbones, showing the flow from offshore wind farms to national backbones and beyond. This level of detail in 3D visualization of the north sea port made it easier for audiences to comprehend NSP’s grand vision. A professional narrator and subtitles supported the images according to the customers wishes.


It was first shown at an industry leading exhibition. Our animated video production was successful in positioning NSP as a leading figure in the energy transition field. The 3D animation effectively highlighted the NSP’s strategic location, industrial potential, and sustainable ambitions, appealing to diverse audiences, including industry players, bunkering infrastructure users, overseas suppliers, tank terminal operators, and governmental entities. Furthermore, the 3D animation boosted NSP’s brand and reputation, attracting interest and investment towards the port’s initiatives. The video continues to serve as an engaging and informative tool across multiple channels, including conferences, events, websites, and social media.

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