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Virtual Reality in Weserbergland

On Thursday, October 19th 2017 there was the 50th entrepreneur breakfast of the Weserbergland AG in Hameln. All  partners of the Weserbergland AG based in the Hefehof were part of it. With more than 80 participants it was the perfect event for networking, exchanging opinions and of course having breakfast together.

CaptureHM1 CaptureHM3

The main topic of the event was the future strategy of the companies considering keywords like “Digitization” and “Anything 4.0 – or what?”. We from BLUE SILVER played an important role in this event. Suiting the topic we presented the technology of virtual reality and showed the opportunities as well as some application examples.

CaptureHM2 CaptureHM4

The presentation caused enthusiasm among the participants and inspired tryouts and interesting conversations. The 50th entrepreneur breakfast was a great success. Thanks a lot to the Weserbergland AG for letting us be part of it. We are looking forward to coming back anytime.


Virtual reality project 2.0

We are not allowed to tell or show any details yet. But: A secret virtual reality project of a German corporation has entered the next stage. Concerning the hardware we still count on the HTC Vive. The system is very reliable and offers not only VR newcomers a real wow effect.


More VR projects can be seen on our website

Wiegand_Maelzer_VR Slide

VR water slide

Unbelievable but true. Our customer Wiegand Maelzer is developing the first Virtual Reality water slide.

In cooperation with Wiegand Maelzer and the Therme Erding we are working on the first VR application in a water slide. The first tests with the prototype have been very promising.


LOCA Conference

This year we exhibited at the LOCA Conference in Munich. Over two exciting two days, we presented our virtual reality applications firstly in BMW World and then in the Innovation HUB of Advantech DLoG.

In addition to interesting presentations, there was plenty to talk about on both days about the forms and possible applications of virtual reality in logistics and retail.

We want to thank our hosts of Advantech DLoG, who allowed us to set up our HTC Vive test station in their Innovation HUB.


Osram year-end event with VR

At the end of last year we were pleased to support Osram with VR technology at their year-end event. We created key visuals using VR light painting.


However, the highlight was the live “visual enhancement” of the CEO’s speech by our Art Director. In real time, he illustrated the CEO’s speech using the HTC Vive, delighting everyone present.


We also set up HTC Vive test stations over three days to allow Osram staff to immerse themselves in the VR world.