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Galileo AR weeks

A globe floating next to your TV? A train riding through your living room? “Galileo” makes it possible. The ProSieben science program starts the television of the future in a special week (November 6th till November 10th 2017, 7:05pm daily) – with Augmented Reality 2.0

Pro7_Galileo_AR-Wochen_02 Pro7_Galileo_AR-Wochen_03

We created the trailer and support with our content.



With KraussMaffei at the Fakuma 2017

This year our animations even made it to the Fakuma, the exhibition for plastics engineering. For our customer KraussMaffei we created a teaser for the subject Leasing. The 3D animation was showed on a huge screen on the “center stage”. The animation was produced under high time pressure, from quotation to delivery – seven days.

Fakuma_KraussMaffei_Messestand  Fakuma_KraussMaffei_Leasing

Still we had a lot of fun and in the end a very satisfied customer. In addition there were a lot of other animations from BLUE SILVER on different screens at the exhibition booth. The animations were produced for former exhibitions and are still showed to the clients. That proofs the persistence of 3D animations

Fakuma_KraussMaffei_Nasspresszelle  KraussMaffei_leasen-statt-kaufen_02


We did it! The removal is done

We did it. Friday 12 o’clock we stopped working and started our removal. We wrapped computers, screens and everything else. On Saturday we transferred the stuff to Ismaning. After several rounds with big and small cars most of the stuff had arrived until 6:30 pm. Our most important server had a special delivery on Sunday.

Everything went well and team and interior arrived safely. Only our old “archive server” did not make it. But thanks to several backups that was no problem either and we were able to continue our work on Monday morning. Thanks to all the helpers.

IMG-20170929-WA0003 IMG-20170929-WA0004 IMG-20170930-WA0015

IMG-20170930-WA0011 IMG-20170929-WA0010 IMG-20170929-WA0013


!!! BLUE SILVER is moving !!!

We relocate our head office to Ismaning and will be moving on September 29th 2017.  This day we will only be reachable until 12 o’clock noon. Afterwards we will be back for your service from Monday, October 2nd 2017 in Ismaning near Munich, Carl-Zeiss-Ring 21. Important notice: Our phone numbers will not change! We appreciate your understanding will be glad to welcome you in our new premises.



Sat.1 Faktencheck

During the past weeks Sat.1 presented another “Faktencheck”. This time about the subject “Black, Red, Burka – how Islamic is Germany?” We at BLUE SILVER created the explanatory graphics for the program. An exciting subject was visualized with our support. Watch the broadcast here




Watch the broadcast here


Virtual reality project 2.0

We are not allowed to tell or show any details yet. But: A secret virtual reality project of a German corporation has entered the next stage. Concerning the hardware we still count on the HTC Vive. The system is very reliable and offers not only VR newcomers a real wow effect.


More VR projects can be seen on our website


Air & Space

Aerospace is a very fascinating subject. The visualization of airplanes and spaceships is one of our core competences. Here is a little compilation of our previous projects in this field.


Watch the clip here


3D printing as exhibit

For our standing customer Kraussmaffei we already created several high-class 3D animations. Among other things we visualized the development of the pultrusion process.


CaptureKM5 CaptureKM4

This year we supported the company at a trade fair appearance by editing the data of the machine for a 3D printing. The result was a great success and a real eye-catcher at the JEC in Paris.

CaptureKM2 CaptureKM1


Major project in automobile industry

During the summer the team of BLUE SILVER will be working on a major project with one of the biggest automobile manufacturers of Germany. The company wants to show what the “production of the future” will look like in 2025. For this purpose we will create a corporate movie which shows the production stages of a vehicle in the future.


This movie will be presented to 800 managers of the company at a corporate event.


Visiting Galileo

Once again we have been visiting our customer Galileo at ProSieben. As usual, we were received very friendly by the team around Aiman Abdallah, which enabled us an insight behind the scenes during the shooting.

6 3

The cooperation with Galileo has been an exciting part of BLUE SILVER’s work for many years. We are looking forward to the upcoming projects and hope to be allowed to come back again any time soon.


Galileo – the scientific journal on ProSieben