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Safety & security

Safety first! No matter if safety at work, cyber security or surveillance. There will always be rules to obey and safety is always first. Here is a little compilation of some of our 2D and 3D animations to this subject.


Watch the clip here


Making of ProSieben Galileo time freeze

A little making of and look behind the scenes. In total we created several animations for all three parts of the Galileo time freeze week. Here we reproduced the sequence of the Concorde disaster in 3D.


Watch the clip here


BLUE SILVER team event

This year’s team event was very special. June 2nd at 6:30 am our plane took of heading Toulouse. After a short trio with shuttle buses the first destination was reached: The Canal du Midi in Castelnaudary.

IMG_1852 IMG_1766_2

From there the journey continued on four houseboats up the channel direction back to Toulouse. Living, eating and sleeping aboard for three days. During the trip the crews had to prove their ability to work in a team when they had to overcome one of the many locks on the way.

IMG_1782_02 IMG_1851

The whole BLUE SILVER crew had lots of fun and made it back safe and sound.