Monthly Archives: April 2017

Wiegand_Maelzer_VR Slide

VR water slide

Unbelievable but true. Our customer Wiegand Maelzer is developing the first Virtual Reality water slide.

In cooperation with Wiegand Maelzer and the Therme Erding we are working on the first VR application in a water slide. The first tests with the prototype have been very promising.


Munich webweek 2017

As part of the Munich webweek we are going to host a Virtual Reality event on May 16th 2017 in our office of BLUE SILVER.

The Munich webweek is Munich’s biggest digital event. Once a year Munich’s digital designers get together, host events about internet and other digital subjects, organize networking events, hold workshops and seminars and show Munich’s potential of being a digital location.

Within two hours we answer the most important questions about VR. Moreover we are going to show projects and offer insights into current productions. Dive into the world of VR.

Get your free ticket here or contact us via