Monthly Archives: January 2017

BLUE SILVER Christmas event

An absolute joy! There was another Christmas event this year. This year we set off for the “Koch dich glücklich” culinary school.

The menu:

Caramelised goat’s cheese with roasted nuts and honey figs

Pink-roasted duck breast in rosemary and red wine sauce

Baked apple with a marzipan-cranberry filling

20161209_bs_kochen_sony_a6300_DSC0743 20161209_bs_kochen_sony_a6300_DSC0747

The whole event was a great occasion to bid farewell to our long-term employee Manu and to welcome new team members Franziskus, Daniel and Max.

20161209_bs_kochen_sony_a6300_DSC0773 20161209_bs_kochen_sony_a6300_DSC0808


Osram year-end event with VR

At the end of last year we were pleased to support Osram with VR technology at their year-end event. We created key visuals using VR light painting.


However, the highlight was the live “visual enhancement” of the CEO’s speech by our Art Director. In real time, he illustrated the CEO’s speech using the HTC Vive, delighting everyone present.


We also set up HTC Vive test stations over three days to allow Osram staff to immerse themselves in the VR world.