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The Cinderella product

Have you heard about the Cinderella product? A product that has great potential, but which so far has not received the necessary attention. Often the Cinderella product is just lacking a suitable presentation.

Turn your Cinderella into a dazzling princess.

You can find out how in our white paper.

BLUE SILVER surprise event

There was another team event this year. But this time nobody knew where we were going or what we were doing. Only the meeting point was known – 8:30 am, 10 October. The plans soon became clear: tractor rides with historical tractors.

After a short briefing things got underway. A total of six different tractors were available to test drive. The tour through the Bavarian mountains took three hours in total and was interrupted by several small breaks and a longer one for food. We had great fun!

After a short briefing things got underway.


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Self-production Galileo Rette die Welt!

Why not just produce a whole segment ourselves? This question was put to us by the Galileo editorial team, and of course we said yes straightaway.

After the successful 52-part series “Galileo Wissensticker” we were allowed to produce another series for our client Galileo. The title: Galileo Save the World! As the name suggests it’s about small inventions with a big impact.

You might be surprised!

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